Bar / Bat Mitzvah Socks - F.A.Q.

Q. How many pairs of socks am I getting?
A. Read the description to see how many pairs are included. If it says 12 pairs of socks, you are getting 12 pairs of socks

Q. What size are your socks?
A. Our socks are all the same size. Womens shoe size 4-10, which is the same as womens sock size 9-11

Q. Your site says pink but the color looks red to me. Is it really pink?
A. Yes, it is a shade of pink. Here is a comparison of a red and pink sneaker socks;

Q. Your site says baby blue but the color looks more like this shade of blue [insert name of blue].
A. We try our best to capture the closest color with our photos of the socks. Due to different screen configurations; cell phone, tablet, computer monitor, etc. The image color can look differently. As much as we would like to help with naming the exact color the socks are, that is not possible as we are not color experts.

Q. You only have a few left in stock of a certain design, can you order more?
A. Contact us with the Web ID, quantity you need and the need by date. We will do our best to fulfill your order.

Q. I saw a pair of socks on that are no longer on the site? Do you still sell them?
A. Please go to the contact us page and describe what you are looking for. We will do our best to see if it is still available.

Q. You have one style in stock that I like and another that is out of stock. Should I wait to place an order to see if the out of stock comes back in stock?
A. No, our socks sell out very quickly and by the time the out of stock comes back into stock. The in stock socks might be out of stock or discontinued.